Crabbing Trip – Oct. 7, 2017
                                                        Florence, Oregon
                                                         with Rod Dewey

Price: Free, however, the following items are a must to crab.  This outing is in conjunction with the Scrapbook Fun Fest on the Coast.  Any ticket holder or significant other can sign-up on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Oregon Shellfish License - $9 Resident, $26 non-resident
  • Crab Ring(s)/cages – No more than 3 per person
  • Lunch/drinks – You can bring your own or order them at the Bridgeport Market. 
  • Chair
  • Bait – chicken or turkey legs are the best.  The sea lions do not like them but the crabs sure do.
  • 2 plastic buckets – 5 gallon
  • Crab measuring tool

Most of these things can be purchased at Bi-Mart, Fred Meyers, Walmart, Bridgeport Market, etc.  Please save yourself time & collect these items & purchase a Shellfish license ahead of time.

Crab Trap Rentals are available at the Bridgeport Market.
Crab Limits – 12 MALE crabs, 5 ¾” across the shell.

9am - Meet with Rod at Three Rivers Hotel lobby.  Travel to Old Town to park in public parking just east of  Mo's.

​9:30am - Gather at  Bridgeport Market to make final purchases or order lunch.

​10 am - Instructions on the best way to crab & walk to the crab docks to setup
2:00 pm Meet at fish cleaning station at the Port of Siuslaw docks if you are lucky to catch crabs to learn how to clean them.
If you have any questions about the crabbing trip, please call me at 541-784-6654.